"Is it fast? Blazing. Is it minimal? It can disappear entirely. Is it private? By default. But that's only the table stakes."

Agreed! Especially from a narrative POV... those features are so BORING! If you don't have those things, don't even bother. But once you do — what comes next, THAT'S what's interesting.

Also, you didn't mention Boosts. I think there's something huge there, but I'm not sure what yet.

Looking forward to the next installation!

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Hey Jacob, I got the chance to try Arc after reading your article, and has decided to stick with it for daily personal usage. Although there are still some bumps here and there, I have to say that Arc a pretty powerful user tool.

I even just wrote an article highlighting how Arc has revolutionized web browsing through its innovative use of tabs from the product design perspective: https://medium.com/@lilacShenn/elevate-your-browser-discover-the-power-of-arcs-tabs-14ba783639fb )

Thank you for sharing the thoughts here!

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Hello, how can I get the invite? I have been on the waiting list for months and still nothing 😭

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