"Is it fast? Blazing. Is it minimal? It can disappear entirely. Is it private? By default. But that's only the table stakes."

Agreed! Especially from a narrative POV... those features are so BORING! If you don't have those things, don't even bother. But once you do — what comes next, THAT'S what's interesting.

Also, you didn't mention Boosts. I think there's something huge there, but I'm not sure what yet.

Looking forward to the next installation!

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Julian Lehr's vision is exactly what I've been searching for over the years. The danger in the vision, however, is that the layer will impose a restriction. May 80% of users won't bump up against it but, for the 20% that do, the restriction will be crippling. I have no idea what that restriction is going to be. Perhaps it will be related to storage space. Maybe it will be a security limitation (it's still a browser, after all.)

I've seen this happen so many times with software. The reason is that humans are just too darn clever! Always looking to do something the developers never imagined.

Still, anything that lets me break out of the Forest/tree/branch/leaf paradigm will be welcome!

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Hey Jacob, I got the chance to try Arc after reading your article, and has decided to stick with it for daily personal usage. Although there are still some bumps here and there, I have to say that Arc a pretty powerful user tool.

I even just wrote an article highlighting how Arc has revolutionized web browsing through its innovative use of tabs from the product design perspective: https://medium.com/@lilacShenn/elevate-your-browser-discover-the-power-of-arcs-tabs-14ba783639fb )

Thank you for sharing the thoughts here!

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Hello, how can I get the invite? I have been on the waiting list for months and still nothing 😭

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